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Schools starts - and a Web TV Directing gig

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While back in Iowa my buddy Brandon gave me a call and asked if I could help out with and direct episode 3 of his comedy web series SuperZero.  I was thrilled! I had filmed the table read of the whole season and I new that it was funny with witty dialogue and a great premise. 

"When a 35 year-old schlub tries to kill himself by leaping from the roof of a skyscraper only to land unharmed, he is forced to embrace his role as an invincible superhero in order to protect the ones he loves, but also to get his best friend to shut up about being a superhero duo, already."

I've never worked in a TV style, with a show runner type having final say. I'm really excited to try it out and see how it feels and very thankful for the opportunity to direct.  


Iowa - Films and Friends

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On August 1st I flew to my home town in Iowa to work on one of my closest buddies first film. His name is Philip Rabalais he makes dope music and takes these dope photos with his partner Hillary. They are just all around great artists and humans. Our whole crew was made up off deep friends and full of talent and love: Geoff, Erica, Dom, Ace, Ike, Joseph. It was really fun to work with old friends and use what I have been learning to help. 

The film is an art film. I have described it to some as visual poetry, which is pretty much all the explanation I can give. When it's finished I will post it and you guys can check it for yourselves. 



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Wytches is a horror short film I have been working on for many months, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. 

5 months ago I got together with two of my fellow director/writers at USC (Arif Khan Federico Torrado Tobón) . We started writing a horror anthology and Centipede Productions was born.

With the help of our fourth producer, James Tinsley, and co-producer, Sharon Park, we gathered an incredible team of Students and Professionals to help bring our ethereal "film" to fruition . We also partnered with Stu Pollard and his company Lunacy Unlimited. Their help and mentorship guided all of us to the next level and made this film happen.

The idea was simple. We each write, produce, and then direct a horror film that shares characters, locations, and plots. The execution was hard. Very hard. Things went wrong the way things always do in life. Details were overlooked, locations fell through, in short - shooting days were lost. With one more shooting day left we had to come together and write a new film based on the footage we already had in the can. This meant a manic night of rewrites and prep to combine our original three scripts into one short narrative. We did it! and had a great last day of production. 

What I learned was invaluable and I can never thank everyone who helped enough. 

We have started Post Production and I couldn't be more excited to get this film cut.